Christina Fufezan

I was born in Poland, of German origin, where I worked as a teacher.

In 1968 I settled in Rumania where I worked in the statistics department of the health office.


1974: I migrated to Germany through family reunification.

1976 - 1982: I studied at the Albert - Ludwigs - University and teacher's college in Freiburg i. Breisgau and obtained the 1st and 2nd state examination in Freiburg i. Breisgau.

1982 - 2008: I worked as a teacher in various secondary schools, the last 18 years in Freiburg i. Breisgau.

1990 - 2004: Commissioned by the office for education of Freiburg and the ministry of cultural affairs of Stuttgart for the special foreign languages polish, rumanian and russian.

1996: Teacher training in Visual Arts at Akademie Schloss Rotenfels / Gaggenau.

1998: Teacher training in Visual Arts, curriculum grades 5-10 / Müllheim.

2000: Teacher Training Local School Art „Raum in der Kunst“ / Freiburg

Since 2009: New activity: acrylic & oil painting. I have taught myself visual arts and exchanged with artists.

2010: I attended the atelier in the Waldemar Kebleris art school in Freiburg. I have my own atelier and take part in exhibitions.

Since July 2010 Member of the S.T.E. Baden - Baden e.V. Enrollment in the visual arts department with Dr. Ilse PLAPP

From November 2010 until January 2011 in Tunesia I attended the ateliers of the following artists:

Hedi FENINA in Hammamet, Myriam BETTAIEB in Tunis, Marcello la SPINA in the Centre Culturel International de Hammamet.

Since November 2010 Member of the IN-ART GROUP Association des Artistes Peintres d´Hammamet et de leurs amis IN-ART, Tunesia. Exhibitions.

Since October 2012 Member of the 'Kunstverein Baden-Baden e.V', Weinbergstr.14, 76530 Baden-Baden.

2015 Member of Kunstverein ARTS ET FETES, Perpignan, Frankreich

2015 Member of Kunstverein Freiburg e.V, Freiburg